Flat StanlEEE

My Trip to Washington, DC from Kerens, Navarro County, Texas

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Whew, what a trip. Even though the original Flat Stanley liked to

travel by mail, I must say it was a rough ride. The United States Post

Office tells how I traveled, but I will tell you that Postmarking almost

knocked off my hat.

But here I am now. Right here (red pin with black dot)--

-- about a half a mile from the northern boarder of Chevy Chase,

Maryland and the village of Chevy Chase in Washington, DC. At the

border is a big fountain. Scroll north (up and left) on the map, up

Connecticut Ave., until you see a blue pin in the middle Chevy Chase

Circle. And look, there are three big churches on that one circle.

Now, zoom out the map until you see the whole United States.

Look Ella!

That red pin in Texas is where you are and the red pin with the black

dot is where I am - 1,340 miles away from you.

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