Flat StanlEEE

William KELLETT and


Small Wall of Family Photos


Parker House

David Frederick PARKER

(Click for larger photo.)

Day Five - Friday, December 28, 2012

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My adventure for today was a trip back in time -- by making a trip

around the house. The Hannah house has two, big walls covered with

family photos. (Just click on a photo for a larger photo.)

Cousin KJ says she is planning to let me climb through the family tree

before I leave for home. Hope I don't get my clothes dirty. Ha.

Cousin KJ took this photo

off the big wall of family

photos and put it in Cousin

Clementena's room so she

can look at it all the time.

Kitty B. was her maternal

grandmother, who raised

her. EEE, that makes this

couple your great, great,

great grandparents.

Here is the small wall of family

photos, just outside Cousin

Clementena's room. She has

looked at these photos many

times a day for three decades. But

look! Look hard, EEE. We know

some of these people! Click this

photo and look at the larger photo.

At the top of the wall is this

photo. I  know these people!

Don't I? Remember to click on

the photo to make the it bigger.

And these. I know these people,

also! No wonder Cousin

Clementena likes to look at

these photos.

Then, we went downstairs into

the formal parlor. There was only

one photo in the whole room, so

it must be special. Cousin KJ

said to ask her Uncle Jim about

the woman in this photo and

then listen very carefully to

everything he says about her.

The drawing of this house was

made by your Great Uncle Fred

Bruce. It is a drawing of the

Parker House, where David

Frederick PARKER and

Clementena KELLETT PARKER met

and married. They are your great,

great grand parents.

Then we went downstairs to the big

wall of family photos and found a

photo of David Frederick PARKER.

Good lookin' Cowboy, don't you


And speaking of good looking

cowboys, this is your Great

Uncle Fred with his first-born

and your Great Grandfather

Jim with his first-born.

And what's in this corner?

This photo is not very good

but I bet Grandmother Judy

has the original.

What a line up!

This photo is my favorite.

Remember to click on the photo for a larger photo.