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Day Four - Thursday, December 27, 2012

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Today was a busy day for everyone in the house -- except me. So I

decided to do some Internet research on other Flat Stanleys who have

visited Washington, DC.  Boy Howdy, there are lots of them.

My favorite is the Hua Shan

Elementary School English Club

in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, who sent

their class of Flat Stanleys all

over the United States. Here is

their Class Stanley in front of

the White House in

Washington, DC.

And these two -- Flat Stanley and Flat

Stella -- work for the United States

Government! They represent FEMA, the

Federal Emergency Management

Administration. They are even wearing

their READY kits, so they are ready for


And here are three interesting

Flat Stanley visits to the

President of the United States.

• Austin Ward, of Chillicothe,

Ohio, sent Flat Stanley to the

President of the United States,

Mr. Barack Obama. Austin

received a letter and pictures of

the President and his family and

their dog, Bo.


• Geoffrey Craft, a 4th grader at

Clearfield Elementary, Rowen

County Schools, Kentucky also

sent his Flat Stanley to President


• And so did Aron Mondschein, a second-grader at the Jewish day

school in Hartford, Connecticut. (The Hartford Courant, October 30,


Here is a slide show of other Flat Stanleys visiting Washington, DC.