Flat StanlEEE

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Day One - Monday, December 24, 2012

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What a Christmas Eve Gift!

I peaked out of the brown envelope and

what was the first thing I saw?


My first look at Washington,

DC was snow -- as if

Washington, DC was throwing

me a white, ticker-tape

parade. Oh, it wasn't much

snow; Cousin KB  (I will tell

you all about my DC family

later) said it wasn't anything

like the 2010 February snow,

thank goodness. You can

hardly see the snow flakes in

this photo, but I could see big,

white flakes celebrating my


However, no sooner had I turned

from the window of snow but Cousin

KB popped me into a plastic coat. I

thought she was protecting me from

the snow, but she was protecting me

from a gigantic Jonah. To me, Jonah

was as big as... as… as a whale!

Seems Jonah likes to chew on

everything. Here she is chewing on

Cousin Clem's birthday card. Ouch, I

REALLY like my new protective coat.

My next job was to help Cousin KJ build this website-blog so I can

show you all my adventures in Washington, DC. I picked the highlight-

link color to match my shirt.

Then we made an email address just for you and me. You can email

me about what you want to know about DC and our family here.  And

please tell me how your Christmas was.  I am having such a good

time, but I do miss you and my Texas family. Be sure to take lots of

photos and collect lots of stories to tell me when I return home.

Seems everyone here is off to sleep. I must admit I'm kinda tired,

myself. And tomorrow is CHRISTMAS!