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Day Three - Wednesday, December 26, 2012

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Today, I will answer my very first email.

EEE question: I would like to know how many people live in

Washington D.C.

When she read your question, Cousin KJ said, "The simpler the

question the more complicated the answer."

The United States Census

Bureau indicates as of the

2010 Census the

population of Washington,

DC was 601,723; the

estimated current

population is 617,996 and


comparison, the same

2010 Census counted

• 563,626 people in the

whole state of Wyoming


•  47,735 in all of Navarro County, Texas.

That means the city of Washington, DC has twelve (12) times more

people than Navarro County.

However, 617,996 is only the number of people who live inside the

Washington, DC boarders. Washington, DC is like Dallas, most of the

people who work in Dallas and in Washington, DC actually live in the

suburbs, beyond the city borders. In order to understand the

population of the metropolitan area, the suburbs must be included.

The Washington Metropolitan Area has a population of approximately

7 million people. If the Washington Metropolitan Area were a state, it

would be the thirteenth (13th) largest state of the fifty states in the

United States. Wow, that's LOTS of people, Ella.

EEE question: I would also like to know how many schools

there are.

"District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) consists of 139 of the 238

public elementary and secondary schools and learning centers located

in Washington, D.C." (Wikipedia) There are 43,866 students and

4,017 teachers. EEE, look back up the page at the population of

Navarro County, Texas. Do you see? There are almost as many

students in Washington, DC proper as there are total people in all of

Navarro County where we live. Yikes, this is a big place, EEE.

EEE question: Are you close to the White House?

If I were to walk out the front door of the Hannah house, turn right,

and travel 5.6 miles south east down Connecticut Ave, I would arrive

at the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest,

Washington, DC. If I walked -- well, if I hitched a ride with Cousin

Cousin KB and she walked -- it would take about two hours to arrive

at the White House. Cousin KJ says it would take much longer than

that because there are so many interesting things to stop and see

along the way. If I rode in a car during morning traffic or evening

traffic, Cousin KJ said it would probably take just as long, but if I rode

in a car during non-traffic hours, it would only take about thirty

minutes. Thirty minutes to go less than six miles.

How long do you think it would take to travel 5.6 miles in a car in

Kerens? Will you find out for us, Ella? Cousin KJ says to ask her Cousin

Judy's husband, Cousin what's-his-name, to drive 5.6 miles while you

time the trip. (I'm not sure who all these people are, but Cousin KJ

had a naughty smile on her face when she said it, so maybe you had

better just ask our Mom.)

Here is map or go to the interactive map on my first page and zoom

out to see the blue pin on the White House.