Flat StanlEEE

Perry Lions

Washington Monument

White House

US Capitol

Smithsonian National Museum American Indian

Smithsonian Carousel

Up the Mall

Down the Mall

Lincoln Memorial

Lyndon Baines Johnson Memorial Grove on the Potomac

Day Nine - Happy New Year 2013!

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What a way to start a new year. Cousin KJ and I toured Washington,

DC. (Remember to click on a photo for a larger photo.)

We started with the Hannah's favorite statue in Washington, DC, the

Perry Lions at Taft Bridge.

Cousin KJ said it was the

Hannah favorite because of

her Aunt Martha. (Will you

find out who she is, Ella?)

Aunt Martha and her family

were visiting from Texas and

when they drove passed the

Perry Lions, Aunt Martha said,

"We need to wash their little

eyes." All Aunt Martha's

family laughed and the

Hannahs laughed even though

they didn't know why they

were laughing. Cousin KJ said

her Aunt Martha was like that

-- always happy and making

everyone around her happy.

Anyway, Aunt Martha

explained back home in Corsicana, they had a little dog named Toby,

and his little eyes got dirty often, so there was always someone in the

household saying, "We need to wash his little eyes." Seems the Perry

Lions had dirty eyes and they reminded Cousin KJ's Aunt Martha of her

Toby.  Cousin KJ seemed to really like remembering this story.

Here I am at the Washington Monument.

I'm sure you are wondering what

is so interesting about this

photo? If you enlarge it, you will

see the back of the White

House. Cousin KJ says it is as

close as tourist can get to the

back of the White House, since


I was planning to go inside the United States

Capitol, but it sounded too dangerous. Cousin

KJ said Congress was in session and they

were trying to avoid falling off the Fiscal Cliff.

Smithsonian National

Museum of the

American Indian has

copies of ancient


EEE, you have to come ride the Smithsonian

Carousel with me! Cousin KJ says it is one of

the most popular places in DC.

Through the middle of Washington, DC runs The National Mall.

Nope, you don't go shopping in it, you go learning.

Next, we went across the Potomac River

to one of Cousin KJ's favorite spots. She and her father visited often.

The Lyndon Baines Johnson Memorial Grove on the Potomac

Here I am stand in Texas -- well, on

Texas. The 19-foot tall, 43 ton, Sunset

Red granite monolith was quarried just

35 miles from Johnson’s ranch in Texas.

And the views from the Johnson Memorial across the Potomac are the

best vistas in the city. The Washington Monument is in the middle, the

Lincoln Memorial on the left and the Jefferson Memorial on the right.

One more visit.