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Day Two - Christmas 2012

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Merry Christmas, EEE!

Cousin Clementena says, "In a house of old ladies and young pets,

every day has the surprise of Christmas and the gratitude of


The weather is so nice here today. Sunshine and about 40 degrees

makes Washington, DC seems like Kerens.

We gathered together to read

Christmas cards and all of a

sudden there you were -- you

and Tate!


But look at this slideshow to see

what happened next.

Our Christmas dinner prayer was Hebrew

13:20-21 and Psalms 23.  And then we had

a Christmas dinner of big green salad, and

look what we had for dessert. Look

familiar? Cousin Clementena said it was

from her brother Jim.

Next, we opened Christmas presents.

Everyone including Shammah and

Jonah got a present, except me. I

got TWO. Haha. I'm going to bring

them home and we can read them